Sunday, 10 February 2013

Flower Power

Flower        Power

Steps to Giving & Receiving Flower Etiquette
My favourite hobby is collecting Orchids, I have a few hundred in my collection. My passion for being around flowers is overwhelming. Orchids are a rare and unique specie of flowers which I grow in just charcoal. They are rugged gems that are beautiful, elegant and spectacular. I appreciate the fresh serene environment that they provide in my home.
With Valentine’s Day just a few days away what’s all this ado about flowers?  What do flowers mean to you?
Well I believe flowers really do have significant power; they are symbols of love, affection, appreciation, gratitude, sympathy, beautification, congratulatory and well wishes, It is always great to know what flowers can do for you. Whether you are giving or receiving flowers, they signify a positive image which you want to be a part of. Read on to see my brief guidelines on Giving and Receiving Flower Etiquette.
Giving Flowers
·        *  Always consider the occasion first
·        *  Identify what the recipients favourite colours are
·        * Ensure the flowers are fresh - note with fresh roses the buds are tight yet to open up,
       if loose they are old
·       *  Watch out for dangerous spikes on the flower stalk, have them pruned off by florist
·       *  Identify flowers with pleasant attractive scents
·       *  Have the flowers arranged into a bouquet wrapped with  a  flower wrap around it
·       *  Spice it up with a note, or box of chocolates or a gift (optional)
·       *  Deliever the flowers a soon as possible to avoid wilting or heat distruction

Receiving Flowers
·       * Receive the flowers with enthusiasm and joy
·       *  Acknowledge receipt always if delievered in absential
·       *  Place the flowers directly into a vase of water
·       *  Place the vase where there is sufficient sunlight
·       * Keep flowers away from any hot environment, keep cool always
·       *  Return the kind gesture with a gift too especially if it is Valentine’s Day
·       * Change the water often to allow flowers to last longer
·       *  Appreciate your flowers, make them have a significant value to you
     Remember cut flowers do not last for very long, enjoy them for as long as they are still alive.
     Treat  them with a lot of tender loving care (TLC). 

                      Good Luck and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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