Friday, 22 February 2013

Wedges with Edges

Wedges with Edges
I am a lover of shoes it is simply one of my personal signatures that make me happy. I am attracted by the many styles, colours, heels and heights. Outside my passion for flowers I simply cannot walk into a shoe store without being attracted to at least 4 – 5 pairs of shoes at one time.

Do you share the same feelings?

Shoes compliment the dressing of any man or woman. It is not just about the cost of the dress you are wearing that makes you elegant or classy. It is how you compliment your entire outfit by what you wear on your feet as well as your hands, neck, head or even your waist. With a great pair of shoes you can significantly turn an ordinary dress into an outstanding complete outfit of class and distinction. Not many woman pay attention to what they wear on their feet.

I was once at a Professional Woman’s Conference where I was also invited as one of the speakers. Being an Image Consultant the main speaker, a top government representative seized the opportunity to whisper to me asking me politely if she looked OK.  As I took a quick review in my opinion she looked perfectly dressed except for one thing: - 

She wore slippers completely short changing her look and killing her professional Image.

My analysis to her was very detailed and comprehensive, since then we have become very good friends.

I own many shoes that have various heights; I believe the height in a pair of shoes is what gives a lady poise, posture and elegance. I am aware that not everyone can walk in high shoes, some feel it disorients their walking pattern, others blame it on sore feet, while others simply cannot maintain their balance in high shoes therefore feel very uncomfortable. 

The secret to wearing high shoes, keeping your balance and maintaining poise, posture and elegance is in wearing Wedges. This unique style of shoes – Wedges, have that extra edge where the soles are platformed with a solid base. They are indeed a comfortable shoe to wear and work with many outfits both corporate and social. Wedges are suitable for casual knock about occasions, the corporate working woman and now evening entertainment. 

Do you have wedges that that have the edges?

If wedges are what you like buy stylish wedges that add a spring to your step. Be noticed, be stylish, and be elegant.  Give yourself that extra posture and image of leadership.

See my collage of wedges below from left to right:
                    Giuseppe Zanotti  Suede $1,797             Boohoo  $40             ZiGiny Nevada  $245
                          Burberry Raffia Pumpa $1,145                               Vs2R $820               Rupert Gold Pepple Wedges  $875



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